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Manhattan Real Estate

By webexseo | Published on July 18, 2012 at 12:44AM

Everybody at one time or another in their life has dreamed about living in the “Big Apple” in one of the many high-rise Manhattan apartments looking out over Times Square. Most people do not realize that most of that NYC real estate is owned or leased exclusively by the “elite” or “rich and famous”. New York City is so diverse though that just about anywhere you look there are numerous unique communities that all have something different to offer. It is not uncommon to find a Hasidic neighborhood right around the corner from artist lofts on top of store fronts. This is the beauty of New York City real estate.

If it’s a historical brownstone that you are looking for “Brownstone Brooklyn” (as it's referred to in the NYC real estate market) is the place to head. Most of these row-houses were constructed in the late 1800’s and at the time were single family homes. Many of them have been renovated and now offer some of the finest and most sought after Manhattan apartments around. You will find these in the Prospect Heights and Brooklyn Heights neighborhoods.

The historic district of Crown Heights North is known in the NYC real estate market for its breathtaking Victorian buildings but it was one of the first neighborhoods to build apartment buildings with amenities like elevators and in building laundry facilities. If you are lucky enough you can secure one of the Manhattan apartments in any of the 93 Morris Rothstein buildings. These buildings are in the Art Monderne architectural style and were erected during the Art Deco era.

If you are searching the New York City real estate market for single family detached homes, communities such as Howard Beach and Forest Hills would be the place to look. These neighborhoods feature the most suburban settings and they even come complete with backyards. There are also stately old mansions and historical single family row houses in the Upper East Side and Riverdale but outside space is rather limited.

Considered to be one of the most expensive zip codes to live in, 10013, the trendy Tribeca neighborhood in Lower Manhattan has the most diverse styles of housing available in the New York City real estate market. Here you will find artist lofts, exclusive high-rise apartment buildings and row houses

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